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SIP Datasheet
SIP stack for NGN networks

Netbricks SIP stack called SIP-BRICKS™ is a source code implementation of the Session Initiation Protocol suite as laid down by the IETF Transport Working Group. Our SIP stack is fully compliant with IETF SIP RFC 3261 (core SIP), RFC 3263 (Locating SIP Servers) and RFC 3264 (An Offer/Answer Model with SDP) (they obsolete RFC 2543 published in March 1999) and SDP RFC 4566 . An IMS SIP version compliant with "3GPP IMS" and "ETSI TISPAN" documents is also available.

The SIP protocol is a description and signaling protocol used to describe, establish, modify and terminate multimedia sessions or calls. SIP uses an IP network to transport the signaling messages through UDP, TCP or SCTP (please refer to RFC4168).

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SIP-Bricks stack main features are:

- Point to point and multi-point calls
- Support of User Location, User Capabilities, Setup, Call Handling
- Support of UA, B2BUA, Registrar and Redirect Servers
- SIP transaction “statefulProxy Server package
- Many extensions RFC(s) supported : click here for a list .
- Support of forking, strict and loose routing, record routing, in band DTMF, multipart MIME bodies, rport, private headers and many other key extensions
- Transparent transport of non standard headers and SDP parameters
- High CPU performance and small memory footprint
- Multi level APIs : High and Low level, procedure or message oriented

Many Interoperability certificates. Among them:

Dlink IP Phone DPH-100, Clipcomm CP101, EyePMedia PC phone, Innomedia MTA 3308/3328/3368, Cisco IPphone 7960/2423/ata186, AAstra i480, I3Micro Vood, Inventel DV4210, Dataflex Vine/1100b/2400m/6400p, Mediatrix 1104, Telsey GAD/CPV, Tecom AH4021, BCM KG1000/HP300, Allied Telesyn RG613/RG623, Doro IPphone, Inalp SmartNode 1200/1400/2400, Intracom netphone, Pingtel xpressa, Intertex IX66, Snom 100, Thomson SpeedTouch 190, Zyxel Prestige2000W, VoxStream Parlay VoXip, Epygi Quadro pro, Grandstream BudgeTone//HandyTone, LeadTek BVP8770, Mitel 5055, Senao SI7800H, VegaStream 50/100, AudioCodes Mediant2000...

SIP-BRICKS has passed several test suite verifying robustness and conformance of the protocol including:

  1. SIP "PROTOS Test Suite" of the University of Oulu in Finland,
  2. SIP torture tests - RFC 4475
  3. IMS SIP compliance tests - ETSI TS 102 027 -2

SIP-BRICKS is based on NETBRICKS architecture using object oriented design and a message passing mechanism for inter-entity communication. SIP-BRICKS is designed to interface UDP or TCP layer through the standard BSD Socket interface. Interfaces to most of commercial OS and RTOS are provided : Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux RedHat, Embedded Linux (Monta Vista), Solaris (32/64bits), OSE, VxWorks, AMX, Nucleus, PSOS+, RTC, VRTX, ...See list of supported platforms.

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