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SIGTRAN Datasheet
SIGTRAN stack: SCTP and User Adaptation

Netbricks SIGTRAN stack is a source code implementation of the SIGTRAN protocol suite as laid down by the IETF Transport Working Group. The SIGTRAN (SIGnalling TRANsport) is part of the NGN protocols for transporting signaling over IP based networks. It is designed for transporting signaling traffic such as ISDN, SS7 and V5 over an IP network. SIGTRAN is composed of the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) and the User Adaption Layers (UA) for each signalling protocol transported over IP. Standardized user adaptation layers includes: iua, dua, m2ua, m3ua, sua, m2pa, v5ua.

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Press Release

Our SIGTRAN stack currently provide the following user adaptation layers, in all possible configurations (ASP, SG and IPSP):

SCTP stack
RFC 4960, RFC2104, RFC2581, ADDIP extension, IPv4/IPv6
M2UA stack
SS7 MTP2 User Adaptation Layer (RFC 3331)
M2PA stack
SS7 MTP2 User Peer-to-Peer Adaptation Layer (RFC 4165)
M3UA stack
SS7 MTP3 User Adaptation Layer (RFC 4666 )
IUA stack
ISDN User Adaptation Layer (RFC 4233 )
DUA stack
DPNSS/DASS2 extensions to the IUA protocol (RFC 4129)
V5UA stack
V5.2-User Adaptation Layer (RFC 3807)
SUA stack
SCCP User Adaptation Layer (RFC 3868)

Our SIGTRAN stack can be easily integrated with the corresponding signaling protocol stacks from your existing platform or from Netbricks : ISDN-BRICKS, SS7-BRICKS and V5-BRICKS.

All those layers have been extensively tested for interoperability with multiple vendors during the several SCTP and ETSI SIGTRAN plugtests events. Ask us for the complete list of interoperabilty tests.

SIGTRAN-BRICKS is based on NETBRICKS architecture using object oriented design and a message passing mechanism for inter-entity communication. Interfaces to most of commercial OS and RTOS are provided : Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux RedHat, Embedded Linux (Monta Vista), Solaris (32/64bits), OSE, VxWorks, AMX, Nucleus, PSOS+, RTC, VRTX, ...See list of supported platforms.

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