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Telecommunication Protocol Technologies

is a leading developer and supplier of Portable Protocol Stacks compliant with Protocol standards as published by the standards bodies around the world ( ITU, ETSI, ANSI, IETF, 3GPP...)

Engineered specifically for the OEM market, all Netbricks' software is written in “ANSI C” and takes full advantage of our modular and portable architecture which allows platform (Compiler, OS and CPU) independence. Netbricks has a unique experience of communication protocols for both traditional TDM, NGN and IMS Networks: our software solutions span major network environments such as 3G, VoIP, SS7, ATM, ISDN and PSTN.

Netbricks supplies its Source Code to over 400 major telecommunications equipment developers, networking manufacturers and OEMs. Netbricks software and hardware enable customers to achieve a low risk, fast time-to-market with reduced development costs while creating leading edge equipment.

The company's protocol expertise covers MGCP, H.248, SIGTRAN, SIP, RTP, 3G-324M, DIAMETER, ISDN, ATM, SS7, V5, LES, X.25, FR, V.90 SoftModem, FAX, T.38 FoIP, Lawful interception .... In addition Netbricks has developed a few specific hardware products … all targeted at the unique needs of the OEM. Each solution is in full compliance with International (ITU), European (ETSI), North American (ANSI) or National specifications and recommendations and includes European and / or FCC certification

Netbricks considers as an essential part of its mission to be technology enabler for a seamless and cost effective transition to Next Generation Networks. Thanks to its wide portfolio of signaling protocols and its expertise in both circuit and NGN packet technologies, Netbricks can contribute to this transition by supplying protocol conversion software packages like ISDN to SIP or SS7 to SIP signaling converters that are required in softswitches and gateway controllers. Available off the shelf or integrated “on demand” such full software solutions are using interfaces based on standardized IP transport protocols like SIGTRAN.

With offices in France and Israel and a network of carefully selected partners. Netbricks has the ability to provide local support and professional services wherever your location.

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